Boxes & Baskets

We may not agree on a lot of things, styles, colors... but something I am sure we ALL want is a little beauty in life called Pretty Storage... I am trying to gather time and energy to get to work on my ugly clutter and decided to work up some inspiration first {that always works don't it?}

Now, in the case of Boxes Vs. Baskets....

what is your veredict you dear and most knowledgeable reader???

These labeled, minimal boxes really sing to me...

Pretty basket on counter

Seasoning station!

Catch all

Organization for kids...

Girly chic

home office never looked so good!

perfect station

Fabric baskets in the bathroom


{images via bhg}


Heather-Gathering Spriggs said...

i love them both! how about a combination of both elements like is seen in that to die for aqua bookcase.. that is my fav!
Happy Weekend and don't work too hard. Enjoy some down time! :) Hugs, Heather

Nuit said...

Thanks Heather!! you too! hope you have a great weekend resting and getting well :)

Tamara Nicole said...

Love this! I sooo want to be more organized, and I'd go with baskets for sure:-)

Great inspiration! Hope your weekend is super fun filled:-)


Looks like you have it figured out completely. The bins & baskets are nice to look at also. That, to me, is THE most important part. :)

Nuit said...

hi guys!!! have a lovely wknd Tamara & Marsha!! mucho love your way! xo

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