I'll take her entire closet please!

I have a new feature here in this lil ole' blog of mine, and it's called "I'll take her entire closet, please!" where we, my dearests, are about the explore {and die of envy} some of the most stylish women in the world...

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan is the very first and YES, I will take her entire closet... And may I take her friends too!!???? {specially Bono and Michelle Obama!}

Goodness gracious! just how ridiculously stylish and gorgeous can someone be! Her style is femenine, simple, neutral and elegant...

Click on her name above, to go directly to her website and read about the amazing and hard work she does for a better world, Her Majesty says:

I believe you deserve an education.
Whoever you are.
It’s your right.

You deserve the chance to make the most of this brief glimpse we call existence. To be all you can be. To help those dear to you. To re-imagine the parameters of possibility.

Because education is transformative.

It can rescue a girl from the burdens of adulthood: early marriage and premature pregnancy.
It can empower a woman to take control of her life: mind, body, and soul.
It can defeat disease and temper intolerance: a shield for both our health and our humanity.

Education is a Titan.



OneCraftyFox said...

What a beautiful woman with strong words and a strong closet!!

Nuit said...

oh yeeees! xoxo

shari @ little blue deer said...

She is so stunning! And intelligent, amazing combination! Love your blog, happy to find it, and happy to be your newest follower! Xo!

Nuit said...

Thanks Shari!! so sweet!!

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