today's brittish place ❤

Got a couple millions to spare? {and you wanna move to London??}


Here's your most perfect new place, the Aldebert Terrace, pretty stunning if you ask me! this place intrigues me because it's chic yet simple and relaxed. The energy seems to flow just fine and the outdoor areas are to die for.

I say, Splashes of retro and seriously cute Pink and yellow accents is exactly what a girl needs.

via 1st Option


OneCraftyFox said...

Oh wow!! Can my home look like any one of those spaces, please? :)

Nuit said...

my thoughts exactly Diana darling! {sigh} this is a house they use as set for photo shoots!

Carole said...

I want a pink wall on the stairs just like that one.
I've decided!!

Nuit said...

that shade of pink is somethin else :)


Looks more like PV than England doesn't it? No wonder you love it.

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