Mary Kay Andrews's Fixer Upper!

Hey boys and girls!!

Ya'll probably know who Mary Kay Andrews is... well, she recently wrote The Fixer Upper while actually fixin up her own beach bungallow!!! In the Fixer Upper, the New York Times bestselling author returns with a funny novel about one woman's quest to redo an old house . . . and her life. Anyway, quite frankly, when I read about this book, all I wanted to see was Mary Kay's own bungallow, and here it is you guys!!

Vintage writing set

Coastal Bathroom details...

It's all about the view!

Nautical accents and salvaged treasures...
{beach house essencials!}

Fresh mint

layer magic

White Slipcovers + light = perfect beach look

Foyer beauty

The stunning home...

Images via: BHG

Happy Fourth of July weekend!!!




Annie@A View On Design said...

well they are just simply "wow" factor rooms, amazing, so gorgeous to me!

Nuit said...

Hey Annie!!! So are those homes you share!!! Unreal! Only mine are a bit more affordable : ) Enjoy your weekend girl!!!

OneCraftyFox said...

What a dreamy escape!! :)

Claire said...

I really love her writing space and where she displays all her hats! Love, love, love!

Nuit said...

hi Claire!!! thanks for stopping by! This week's blah-to-ta-das are wonderful!!! xox

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