Things I covet...

Hello beauties!

You know, of course money can't buy happiness....

But finding things {that cost money} and make you happy it's most certainly possible. So in that regard, here are the three things that would have me experiencing some serious buyers rejoice at the moment... {hearts can change ya know ;)}

Colorful/modern garden accents... eye candy!

Here's that table {again}

Oh joy!!! this would be the ultimate happiness item for me..
a stone outdoor shower!!

What about you????

Have a lovely week you guys, I am am positive mine will be AWESOME!


IMAGES via: Living ETC


OneCraftyFox said...

Outstanding picks!! Very original.

Have a beautiful day Nuit sweetie!

PS Guess who is hoping to travel to Cabo in the fall? ;)

Nuit said...

oh yeah!!!???? OMG you will LOVE Cabo =D

Chloe said...

My gosh I would love and outdoor shower! Except it rains so much here I wouldn't even need it to be working!



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