The crisp lines.. perfectly styled.

This is the home of Heidi Posner, designer, painter and editor of undeliable talent. And obviously, being the super stylish person that she is, her house in Madison Wisconsin is something to see!

Found this beauty at Martha Stewart's website, and it says there, that Heidi LOVES using the stems and leaves in subtle still lifes once the autumn comes and the roses stop blooming in her garden. {niiice!}

Clean, crisp lines aren't my favorite but here, they were softened with warm-to-the-touch materials... I love that! and Sweet-baby-Jesus... this house has some views!

Hello Lover!!! again, here's the dining table of my dreams!

The soft rugs and pillows create great contrast to the cold colors... some of her own abstract art stands out in a great way. The chair is by Takeshi Nii.

But, {Ehemm...!} Did I mention the views?

On a round vintage table, she gathers simple items in a range of textures -- silky roses, balls of yarn, and books {with gorgeous fabric covers} she collects.


OneCraftyFox said...

I am a big fan of clean lines mixed with shabby chic eclectic finds. I love that last image, those roses look so fresh! Plus, who doesn't love a good book and a great cup of tea. I'm currently reading 'The Time Travelers Wife' :)

Have a fantastic weekend, Sweets!

Nuit said...

II will look for that book!!! xoxo

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