buh bye South Africa...

Excuse me if I depart from my usual style to post something a little bit different... but most certainly beautiful all the same {oh yeah!}

I have enjoyed this World Cup, really... and its time to say goodbye to South Africa, I watched a lot of the special shows on the culture, the food, the cities, the places, the wild life, etc and obviously I found it fascinating. However, this post has nothing to do with South Africa itself, but the thing I am seriously gonna miss the most: {all those soccer hotties all in one place!} So, as I promised on my previous post....... the Cup of the Hottest Hottie goes to this swoon-worthy Dream Team....

Benny Feilhaber - USA

Clemens Fritz - Germany

Fabio Cannavaro - Italy {swoon}

Iker Casillas - Spain

Michael Ciani - France

Robin Van Persie -Netherlands

Now, if you LOVE Christiano Rolando, please forgive me. He just did't make my list, his overstyled pretty boy image doesnt do it for me what can I tell ya!!!

Love xoxo


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Vania said...

Cristiano is from my country buuuut, I don't like is style either. ;) I prefer Cannavaro! ohh...Italians.... <3

Charlotta Ward said...

They should put all of these gorgeous men in one team and the female viewership of soccer will shoot to the top! :)

Thank you for this inspirational parade of beauty!

xx C

OneCraftyFox said...

Wow, if I knew soccer looked so good I would have watched it more often. lol!!

Have a gorgeous day!!

Nuit said...

Hi guys!!!! thank you for agreeing with me {yeah, like that was hard hehe}

I {heart}YOu all xoxox

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