Bed Time!

Dear all... I have been away for 6 days!!! WOW... and they went so fast too... I guess that happens when you are crazy busy uh? And now, I am just tired, and a lil bit stressed and need some lovely inspiration (and a soft bed) to feel better in no time!

That's why, today I am posting these fabulous bedrooms! Which is your favorite?

(pst! notice the faaaab beds!)

Designed by Susan Tully

Designed by Meg Braff

Designed by Jonathan Adler

Designed by Gary McBournie

All Images via: House Beautiful


Claire said...

I love how serene the first bedroom is =)

Nuit said...

thanks for your visit Claire! That room is my favorite too...

SCISI said...

so your back form your trabvels did you have fun? i am in serious need of a holiday/trip just got back to uni and crazy busy i miss having time to blog over breakfirst, these days i read and read and read assignments over breakfirst, lunch dinner and everything in between, i too miss my bed dearly. i love the white and pink room and i have a major crush on sunburst mirrors, i have been thinking of getting one lately but i don't think it would suit my room.:)xx

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