Interior stylist: Selina Lake (MORE Eye candy!)

My beloved friends.... more eye candy for you! It's friday! yayy!!!!

I guess I am inspired this week.... first Lucyna, now Selina with even more gorgeousness! can you believe??? Selina Lake is an Interior Stylist that works with major publications and some of the best interior photographers. She creates happy places, spaces that make you feel hopefull, optimistic and serene at the same time. I love her work!

"I like thinking up innovative ideas and producing fresh results for my clients. I love working as a Stylist and enjoy all aspects of the job from sourcing props, location researching, model booking, organising couriers/set-builders/assistants, booking photographers and putting together stylish sets"..... says Selina.

Seriously, isn't this lovely???

ALL images via SelinaLake.co.uk


Melissa A. said...

I just love her style and colors. This is a great post. I like, like like!

SCISI said...

super cute girlishness. i really really love the pink couch in the second pic yum:)xx

Nuit said...

oh I am craaaazy about that couch too!!! guys thanks for visiting me! xo

Hilary said...

I am loving it...that pink netting draped behind the sofa is a hit!

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