Mixing it up!

I am soooo looking forward to this weekend folks. How about you?

I started Pilates classes ten days ago after more than 3 years of no excersise at all and, I tell you... I feel happier than ever with this decision. I was always very athletic and I still can't believe how I ever allowed myself to sit on my butt for so long!!! Anyway, I am proud of being on the right track again and wanted to share it :)

Today I have a few examples on how to mix patterns, I am a huge fan of pattern mix because I believe that, done right, it takes ANY room from blah.... to chic!

Black and white is a hot, HOT trend these days.... but you also need to throw some color accents, magenta, yellow or teal are fantastic.

Animal print is also fabulous but you need to use it wisely and only in certain objects.... in other words, less is more ;)

Chose a fabulous wallpaper to make a strong statement, and look for strong pieces of furniture and accesories, that don't get lost in (eaten by) the wallpaper's desing... see the mirror, and the dresser, and the chair? they are all objects with a ton of personality of their own. The splash of color is extremely important, imagine the image without the pink flowers!

This is Anna Sui's home, and of course... one mighty chic example of pattern use. A bit dark for me but perfect next to the white pillars and bookcases. Trés Chic!
BTW, I HEART you Anna!

Elle Decor


Annie said...

hi nuit - I'm posting again because I think my first post got lost!!! I just mentioned that I love the black/white fabric that "pops" - great pics.!

Nuit said...

Oh annie thank you for visiting!!!! have a LOVELY weekend!!! xo

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