Teal + Purple = HOT Fall Trend!

Hi friends! I am soooo excited! here are two of my favorite colors, Teal and Royal purple, and wanna hear the best part? They are totally IN for this Fall!!! in both fashion and home décor.

Royal Purple is having a fashion moment, together with lavenders and lilacs in satins and suedes. From rich hues of grape, plum, aubergine and eggplant to brighter violets, amethysts and pinkish mauves.

Purple in Chinese culture is a lucky color, the color of wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui. It is unconventional and enigmatic, elegant and the symbolic color of royalty. It sends messages of seductiveness and style, especially when found on rich fabrics such as velvets and satins.

Here's a little inspiration gallery.... with love.

Sanderson Fabrics

House to Home


Melissa A. said...

I love this color for fall, especially mixed with pink.

Nuit said...

you are sooo right!!! I just ran into a gorgeous room with purple and pink. So gorgeous!

Nicolette said...

The piece that stands out to me out of all of them is the one from cote maison. The purple and blue is a great set up.


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