Designer Profile: Stephen Saint Onge

Stephen Saint Onge is an A-ma-zing designer. His style is friendly, approachable, and creative to no end, no wonder he has been heralded as "The Home and Style Designer for the Everyday Family"
JUST check out this home-office makeover below. I am sure it will inspire you and give you a few ideas for your own place.
Totally adorbsss!!!!

Seriously, isnt this the most beautiful home-office everrr????

Images via: Better Homes & Gardens


Annie@A View On Design said...

I think those bold stripes are amazing, I wonder how they would look in my living/dining open plan room = any thoughts???

Nuit said...

oh sweetie! I was thinking just the same!!! my living and dining room are an open plan room and I thought this would be a really neat way to unify the space..... lovely. There are pictures on better homes & gardens on how Stephen did this room, step by step :) Thanks for your visit!!!

Annie@A View On Design said...

thanks a bunch for that nuit! I'm what you would classify as a nervous decorator!!! haha

when you say BH&G, do you mean Australia's BHG or is there one in the US you are referring to?? I'd love to visit their website and have a better look! thanks again luv!

Nuit said...

it's www.bhg.com

I think it's a US site :) I get their newsletters everyweek and love them. Too good those posts, I get a lot of décor pictures and ideas from their site!

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