Making home accents work!

Home accents can come from an expensive store, from a long forgotten box in your basement or even your kitchen cabinets. Its all in the way you arrange them and make them look special.
The easiest way to make accents work is by forming groups of objects that go well together, to sort of, keep eachother company... follow a color scheme or a theme and be consistent.
This here is an arrangement with ceramics by Pottery Barn, notice the earthy, neutral colors, that go so well with the green. Feels like home...

In this image, the vase with tray make one very strong design statement, chose you vases carefully I say, they add a whole lot of style to a space!

Gorgeous home office arrangement... extremely creative, interactive and stylish. Using beautiful ceramic containers to hold flowers, stamps, clips and other office essencials.... you can re-group and move around everyday!... so pretty.

Like I mentioned before, themes are often a good idea... Nature, music, literature, kids and family... and of course, Travel. See how well this works together? It works because the items in front of the framed map are simple, transparent and light. And it is easy to appreciate the whole picture and take it all in. Personally, I love this, if I had a mantel I'd definitely go for this theme!

Go to your basement or garage and look carefully, I am sure you have a ton of items that, with a little love, you can turn into fabulous accents for your home! See here for example, theres this colorful and clever display of old frames of all shapes sizes that really bring life to this room... There are some splashes of color here and there, but note how aqua is consistent and unifies the space, that's how this place looks so together.

Grouping several objects of the same color is always right, do not over do it though, see how the white background and the clean lines keep things simple.... and most of the items are of the same shade of yellow... this is easier than easy, try it!

Image 1.- Pottery Barn
Images 2.-3.-4.-6.-7.- Better Homes & Gardens
Image 5.- Real Simple


Melissa A. said...

I think accessories are what makes a home more personal. I like the little egg cups with all the office supplies. It looks so pretty put together like that. Especially the natural touch with the flower as well.

Nuit said...

Lovely stuff isn't??? thanks for stopping by darling!

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