Attitude Adjustment

Look, don't get me wrong, I love the Holidays just as much as the next blogger but sometimes I get the feeling early November is JUST too soon... {right starbucks?} .......... just sayin'.

Halloween and Thankgiving (super-duper fun Holidays we typically don't celebrate here in Mexico but in my house, trick-o-treatin' is mandatory and fully expected) anyway, every year they are more and more overshadowed by Christmas. I for starters do not acknowledge the Holidays until the weather changes and here in the Bay of Banderas we are still baking.

In search for inspiration and a MUCH needed attitude adjustment {since everyone else seems so flippin' merry}, I went to Desire to Inspire and I was not disappointed. Would you look at this INSANE Christmas decor????? I can't deal, it's too good!  

And how DO YOU feel about Christmas in early November?


Pop Champagne said...

omg I had my first starbucks holiday drink yesterday.. it was DELICIOUS. yum gingerbread latte :D

JUST ME said...

I love holidays...but the one thing I REALLY resent are all those diamond commercials that start popping up November 1st. I hate them.

I can't explain why - but I think it has something to do with the fact that most diamonds are bad for the environment and the people who farm them, and really aren't a solution for relationship bliss - unless we're talking about the momentary kind.

Nuit said...

lol so true, diamonds are really not a solution for relationship blissfulness. Hey thanks for visiting!!!

jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

So true, that the other holidays are a bit overshadowed. And I admit that I am guilty too. I do love Thanksgiving! One of my favorites!

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