random rooms to die for!

A real treat today on Random rooms to DIE. It's like, a balloon full of awesomeness exploded and the pieces landed in each of these rooms... OK that totally didnt make any sense. Or did it? See what these rooms did to me???

I'll shut up now. ENJOY................

a bright and modern breakfast nook

A totally chic and.................. {OH for the love of God, I loooooooove gray}

Mixed Media wall. Genius. Period.

I die for this home office.

Old meets new - via Country Living

Fabulous master bedroom turned into a walk-in closet / changing room. This woman actually conviced her husband to give up the master bedroom! True love people. TRUE love.

Who doesnt love the good ole Egg chair? now, this one is plastic!!! oh so totally chic! I say yes. Loving the print, the art, the storage unit, the mirror, the light, the pillows, the floor... Phew!!!

INSANE bathroom/closet also via Living ETC

If you're gasping for air at this point..... I hear ya.



OneCraftyFox said...

OMG, you have officially killed me. Lolz. I die for these!!

xoxox Much Love ;)

Charlotta Ward said...

Darling thank you for your sweet comment today. xx

I love the photo treats here today. The grey bedroom is amazing and I love that even the dog matches!! :)
the formal dining room and that bath in the final pic are also fantastic.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Big hugs and kisses from Sweden.

xx Charlotta

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