Style that {Bookcase}

Today, a new feature here on PBT: Style that {insert what's being styled here}. Luvs it??? I do. Anyway. Yours truly is a firm believer in the premise that: 

it's ALL about the stylin'

And, also... that what is good for business is good for people. And vice-versa. So I say you wanna approach styling with a plan, for the most part, and then leave the remaining 15% of the project to intuition and do what feels right with the finishing touches.

Ok, in the case of BOOKCASES, here are three examples of how it's done:

Plan: You stick to a style and be consistent (in this case, Classic & Preppy Chic).
Intuition: Create focal point by hanging something unexpected in the middle of the arrangement.

Plan: Be true to a color scheme and the texture as well as shape of the objects {the theme here is Coastal and carried to perfection}
Intuition: adjust the height of the objects in display by placing books underneath

Plan: arrange by color
Intuition: play with the books height to create a skyscraper effect!!!

Ok easier said than done. But practice makes perfect, right?????????

images via hgtv :)


heather said...

i almost almost almost arranged my books by color when we last moved, but then i thought it would just be so much work to do that and then change them back again... haha, guess i was getting ahead of myself already thinking i would change them back.

Marianna said...

Hey, sweet blog!!

I just followed you!!

Check out mine sometime and follow back if you like it.


Nuit said...

Thanks lovelies!!!! x

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