Highly Coveted (by moi)

I am constantly coveting a number of things,
{is there anyone out there who is NOT????} and if so, are you OK?

Anyway, here's my list, just looking at these items gives me pleasure, imagine actually 'having' them. sweet-baby-jesus!!!

First off, i SO need a storage/organization unit like this one. There's a clip-board, a chalkboard, shelves, drawer, and it all comes together so perfectly!! swoon-worthy all the way! (via)

Paul Smith's Caverswall China
So very Alice in Wonderland i DIE! (via)

Heather Matoon art {I am a cat lover so this is right up my alley!}
I have a MAJOR crush on this stylish fellow here. (via)

Society Social Tripple Trolley bar cart!!! hello lover!!!!!!!!!!

Paperchase birdcage amazingness. (via)

I know winter is coming up but here in Puerto Vallarta we still hit the beach around the Holidays... and i NEED, seriously NEED this Victoria Secret's vintage skirted number. I need it man!!!.

What about you lovelies??? what are you coveting??????????


1 comment:

Ioana Liliana said...

Oh I so agree with this list!


p.s. just started following :)

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