First comes Fashion

So, a lovely little reader, asked what I would wear to a first date, naturally, I got workin' on this super pronto since creating outfits it's so much fun, I go in there and feel like I am in this huge closet full of designer goodies and yes THAT is my {and any sane person} idea of fun. 

The outfit is for a casual first date, the only type of first date that should ever exist. One where you can wear something comfortable, regardless of your style. In my case J'adore mixing girly stuff and rock n' roll and ooobviously i love me a good pair of jeans.

 I call this look: Casual Fall Belle

After completing the first look, I got to thinking bout other FIRSTS and how important that outfit becomes when it comes to making a long-lasting positive impression regardless of the occasion. So........... yours truly came up with this:

First Day at the new Job

First Holidays after losing a TON of weight!!!
{if this is you, by the way, congrats}

Alright, this is your time to SHINE. No doubt. So here's NOT ONE but THREE looks full of drama, style and a whole lotta sequins for ya.

Shop these outfits put together by MOI at ASOS Fashion Finder.


Maru said...

Love it!!! All of them, I need to go shopping and expand my closet now!!1 Hahahaha

Katia said...

Cute looks! :) nice blog

jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

Super cute outfits, girl!

fati said...

thanks for your blog for more beauty and make up see:

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