I'll take her entire closet Please!

To be fashionable you have to be fearless. There is no other way. Look at Carrie Bradshaw and there is always something crazy, unique, unexpected.

Of course ya'll already know that, and everybody has pretty much memorized Carrie's wardrobe so let's move on....

I'd totally just vandalize the closet of Miroslava Duma no problemo. Former editor for Harper's Bazaar (Russia) and now a freelance writer for numerous publications such as OK Magazinee (Russia), Tatler, Glamour (Russia), Miroslava is a true international fashion icon.
Alrighty, the clothes.
This Navy two-piece in all its geeky-chic glory is something I highly covet. Do not forget I have expressed my love for deep navy for Fall before.

There is some much fabulousness going on here I dont even know where to begin. The skirt, I believe to be the most important element in this outfit, it has structure and drama, it has its own personality (and I pretty darn fabulous one) Now, excuse me but just because I live in a boiling-hot place doesnt mean I dont appreciate a good-ole fur coat. (hopefully it's fake because I do care about my planet) but either way it's STUNNING. I am not gonna sit here and deny THAT having to breath into a paper bag. 

Some of Miraslava's favourite designers include, Miu Miu, YSL, Lanvin, Alexander Wang and Prada. Here she is in a youthful lil number. My fave being the styling of the belt. Note to self: EXTRA long belts are ok. Just wrap them around! even if you take 1 hour in front of the mirror for the desired results, but whatever you do, it MUST look effortless. See?

I am having mixed feelings about this one. You see, the gray sweater is GLORIOUS, the overzised sleeves is any stylish woman's dream. However, what's happening in the chest area? them girls look a little sad!!! Wear a bra I say. Now, while the hair and make up are flawless, and I would almost trade my first-born for that bag, that mini skirt and those shoes would not have been my first option.

Still..................... I WILL most certainly take her entire closet Please.

Last week I posted about Leopard being the hotness for fall. Now would you look at those heels!!? Fierce is an understatement.

Are you a fan of her style? or not so much?


Dancing Branflake said...

I am BUT there are some things I was like... "eh." I do appreciate her risks.

Nuit said...

haha I know me tooo!!! xxoxoo your way Tiffany!

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