Once upon a time....

I had a boyfriend... we were reading/going through the pages of Vogue together. There was a picture of Elizabeth Hurley on the red carpet. Looking the way they ALL look in the read carpet. My boyfriend started saying what a goddess she is.

I told him, she is absolutely beautiful. However, they do spend hours and hours being pampered and prettied up by the best stylists and makeup artists in the world, with the best products, in the best Spa, etc. I said, with that kind of treatment anyone can look that good. I know I can!.

Oh boy, did he laugh at me.... but you see, here's the thing... I am RIGHT!

Penelope Cruz

Nicole Kidman

Kim Kardashian

Katie Holmes

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Alba

Goldie Hawn

Eva Longoria

Ana Kournikova



Melissa Allam said...

You are right! Wow, what transformations. Sometimes it's good to see those beauties in their true light, just like us. We can all be made up to be beautiful women just like them and we already are.

Nuit said...

Absolutely!!! =D

shopgirl said...

This is a cool post!

I love before and after photos. It really destroys the illusion that people have of beautiful people. Being beautiful is generally hard work. There's a lot of hair, make-up and fitness training involved. I'm glad you made it clear to him that people are just people and everyone can look great with some superficial help.

p.s. now following you!

Rambles with Reese

mnemonique said...

that is so true!!! I wonder how I would look like if so many makeup artist, hairdressers and stylist worked over me???

OneCraftyFox said...

Oh boy, was he ever naive!! I'm so glad you started the sentence with "I HAD a boyfriend", lol.

I don't wake up looking gorgeous either, it takes work... :) [btw I'm exaggerating on my good looks, ha ha].

Hope you're having a fantastic day, the weekend is almost here, yipee!!

Nuit said...

YOU GUYS crack me up!! Major LOLs!

and yes Diana... he had to go if he didnt think I am prettier than Liz Hurley, I mean.. at least in his EYES! ;)

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