The dining table of my dreams {part II}

Some stuff at the Furniture section over at West Elm is seriously obsession worthy... AND they have the table of my dreams too!! Here are three different fabulous versions of this beauty... I am bouncing on my chair with excitement, I really love this so MUCH!

Benches look great, but I would get extra comfy chairs instead.

Oh! and something else I found! this gorgeous Chunky Console table that would look great pretty much in every room!



Melissa Allam said...

Hi Nuit,
sorry I haven't been to visit in awhile. Lifes been pretty crazy and I haven't been blogging much. I love these thick tables. I've had my eye on one like this at Ikea for awhile.

Nuit said...

Melissa!! it's so lovely to hear from you, hope all is well :) thank you for stopping by sweetie.

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