Fabulousness times Four!

Oh dear... I am day dreaming {yes, again...} but this time there's no Chardonnay involved ;)

You all know by now, that my backyard is so hideous, NO, it's Central Ugliness, for real. Well, I keep making plans to pretty it up, and trust me, it's happening. Anyway, I have a small backyard, and I am thinking I will build a grill once I finish everything else... BUT if I had more space, {and a million bucks} I would definitely build an outdoor kitchen... not because I cook {let's make that clear} but because they add an AMAZIN family feel and they look incredibly good!! here are my four favorite outdoor kitchens of all times. They are so perfect......... {sigh!}

OK this is perfection.... the trees, the flowers, the stone walls, the counter space...

This one is similar, only biger {i adore the stainless steel against the stone}

awww maaan!!! my Own little private cabana kitchen!!!
Let alone the food... the PARTIES i'd throw here!

Perfect size, perfect elements to complement the inside of the house
{and a state-of-the-art grill of course!}

If you have one like this, please do share it!!
[and let us all be green with envy]

Images via: BHG


Claire said...

These are all gorgeous! I can't pick a favorite...but I want something like this someday :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello lovely girl! I hear you on the outdoor kitchen!
Actually outdoor everything.. I love outdoor bathrooms / showers too, and not to mention an outdoor daybed or pergola.. Living in a climate like Australia or Mexico, this is all possible. Like you say, all we need now is the cash. :)

xx C

SCISI said...

these are rather lovely, i do have to say though that the one with the roof is my fave because, it seems the low maintance option. ha but i do love the stone walls in the first one:)xxscisi

Nuit said...

Thank you Claire u are always sooooooo sweet!
Charlotta, how can i begin to thank you for the lovely introduction... seriously, it got me all teary eyed... and Scisi!!! I am off to see what's new at Mutima now!!!

My favorite one is also probably the one with the roof, it's cute as can be.... but right now I'd take ANY of them!!! Love ya all xoxo

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