The carpets I would get if it wasnt so darn hot n' humed here!

Oh boy I am sooo ready for the weekend!!! been working so hard all week, i could really use a break!

Now, I am a wooden floors kinda gal, but really some carpets out there are simply something else... been looking at several images all week but these here really call my name... specially the first one. Those colors are so soothing!

Whadaya think?

AAAAND.. a little bonus. If you are in desperate need of a weekend project like yours truly, here are a couple of outdoor quick n' easy renovation ideas that will definitely spice up your weekend ;)

Paint your fence of course!

And hang cute little colorful planters... How fabulous are these???

Have FUN!!!!!!

Carpet Images: House Beautiful
Project ideas: Better Homes & Gardens


Leah said...

Loving your blog! Just found you!

Nuit said...

oh Leah welcome!!!!! xo

Annie@A View On Design said...

how cute is that painted fence!!!

its simple love said...

Oh how fun! I love the carpets featured in the first picture! Classy.


p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog!

The Zhush said...

Great carpet selections...love the choices!

Melissa Allam said...

I love all hardwood floors too, but I'm always looking at beautiful area rugs. We have half hardwood and half regular ugly carpeting that I wish I could rip out right now.

Nuit said...

oh girls thank you for undestanding my obsession with these carpets. The first one drives me so crazy, I just couldnt stop staring at its gorgeousness!!

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