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On the last post, I managed to gather some useful inspiration photos on how to warm up a room now that the fall is here. (yayy!)
This time, I am to help a reader and friend, Katie, who wrote to me asking for a few ideas to 'freshen up' a tired, dark room... what colors to use, how to bring the light in, etc.
Luckily, I was already preparing a post on the subject, so here it is..... hope this helps you Katie!
First off, neutral colors and natural light, are essential to give a room some new life...

Unexpected colors in areas that use to have a traditional look.... blues and earthy tones combined with some metallics really take this kitchen to a whole new level! so don't be afraid to try things.

Let the light in and let architectural features be the center of attention.... the chandelier was very cleverly added to give even more drama to the already fantastic ceiling!

Create a color palette that works for you and feel free to wrap your project up by covering the screen of your lamps with some gorgeous wall-paper.

Interesting color combinations and art selection can be everything to a room, in this example below, the stripes are designed to make the space flow and the little reading nook by the window completes the game. Do remember to create areas you want to BE IN. Meaning little places that you will love, that you will use... where you will sit down and read or talk to your loved ones. After all, you are the one LIVING here.

Lastly, here is a kitchen that has been renovated by going back to a basic, clean, all-american look. White & Red, I find this a very smart decision to unify the space, give it some elegance and togetherness... If your kitchen has different colors that dont make you happy, go back to the basics and you will feel inspired to start building from there.

All Images via: Better Homes and Gardens

Love... Nuit


Claire said...

Love, love, love these rooms! Especially the first -- so fresh and relaxed :)

Nuit said...

Thanks for stoppin by lovely Claire! I am enjoying your christmas Ta-da's VERY much :)

PS: Everyone, visit Claire's blog! its truly fab!

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