Totally note-worthy.... La Danse

Darlings! this is exciting and thrilling beyond words!...

“La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet,” opened this week, and according to reviewer A.O. Scott of The New York Times, “a feast for ballet lovers” and “one of the finest dance films ever made.” So hurry over to THE ERRANT AESTHETE, for a full and wonderful article (as usual!) on this masterpiece.

“What a thrilling week for dance onscreen.A portrait of one of theworld’s great companiesby one of theworld’s great vérité documentarians.

LA DANSE captures a living ecosystem.Beyond offering the privilegeof watching gorgeously photographed scenesfrom seven balletsclassically smooth and atonally jarring,LA DANSE is an anatomy.It’s about flesh and bone and sinew,about sublimity on Earth.”
David Edelstein, New York
Having been a balerina myself, and having a huge crush on the Paris Opera Ballet, this is grand. Certainly much anticipated and highly coveted. Me LIKEY!!!!


Melissa A. said...

So you were a ballerina? I love dance and ballet, it's very close to gymnastics, my childhood sport. Thanks for sharing this. Have a wonderful weekend Nuit. I am doing a little Pay It Forward project on my blog today. Come over and join me if you'd like.

Nuit said...

Great Melissa I will visit :) xo

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