Two grrrrreat ideas = )

Hey there! how was your weekend? delightful I hope! did you do anything fun?
Sometimes I need a little inspiration to get my week started with the right foot. These two beautiful ideas for a backsplash did it for me. They both involve tiles, which I love and am seriously considering for my own kitchen.
First off, the rich shade of royal blue below makes me very happy, against white cabinets and walls its like a breath of fresh air!

And this one..... well, its a bit more artistic and a fantastic DIY project I love because it gives the kitchen a whole lot of personality!

What is your backsplash style??? Tomorrow, we will continue with backsplash as I have a great post for ya ;)

Images via: Remodeling Center

1 comment:

Melissa A. said...

Goodmorning Nuit!
That second picture has been in my inpiration box of magazine tear sheets for years now. I love that one too. I was going to do that to the backsplash in my old house, but never did. I still like it though.

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