DIY Christmas Presents!!

I know that a lot of you sweets are crafty and creative.... my friend Claire over at Blah to Ta-Da would make any of these gifts in an instant, and with her own fabulous personal touch...

I, however, cannot, I m terrible at DIY stuff (although I never give up!)... anyway, I thought this would make for a great post since a lot of you do have the grand gift of crafts, and I am sure your loved ones will be delighted because these christmas gifts are heavenly!

Lovely Cinnamon stick candles (easy)

Silver utensils envelope (everything BUT easy but sure worth the effort)

Lovely multi-purpose boxes decorated with fabric (hum...seems simple enough)

Sweater Totes! (All I am going to say is I can't sew)

Card wallet... how cute is this?
(I am sure there is a special technique for working with leather)

Ok, I don't mean to torture anyone, so go to the source and you will find some instructions and also some more ideas. Here it is:

Country Living


My Owl Barn said...

How cute it that sweater tote! I also like the wallet. Thanks for the DIYs.

Melissa Y. Allam said...

Oooh, I love those sweater totes and all this little round-up of crafty gifts. I bet you could do that one with the cinnamons.

Nuit said...

LOL thanks Melissa! That's the one I was thinking I should try ;) And thank u for visitin again sweet Owl Barn!!!

Amie Hartman said...

Great ideas, thanks for sharing the link!

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