Now, let us warm up!

Image via: Pottery Barn

We could all use one or 3 ideas to warm up now that the fall is settling in..... in most places. A lot of times you just need a bit of imagination and something warm and cozy like a throw and candles. Here's some inspiration for your weekend :)

I am crazy in-love with that dog!!! and that velvet couch... (sigh...!)


Jenn from The Home Decorating Company said...

Fall has definitely set in and a little colder than the last. With winter fast approaching it is hard to stay cozy, but I would love to cuddle up on one of these couches in front of a fire with a book to keep warm.

Melissa A. said...

I'm with you. That little dog on the brown velvet couch looks so cute and comfortable. I love dogs on sofas. Makes the home more homey.

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