More on Wall décor!

Hi there! on this beautiful morning, I am feeling soooo inspired by these images, with four different ways to dress up your walls. I am a huge fan of wall art, I have posted about ways to enhance and update your walls HERE and HERE. If you missed it, Go check!
The lovely image below, shows how easy it is to turn a totally 'Blah' room, into a WOW! An old Mantel and mirrors were placed against the wall as head-board and I find it amazingly dramatic and gorgeous! The chandelier and vintage lamp add the finishing touches....

This wonderful iron piece, (looks like an old window to me)... truly makes a statement on this wall, what a wonderful way to dress up your walls, this has all the personality in the world! don't you think?

Mantel + Shelves... but look at the interesting arrangement... it has everything but it doesnt look saturated or messy.... it looks so clean and simple. This is because the frames were done all in a similar style, color and shape. It's all been kept simple. I LOVE IT!

PROBLEM: You are renting, you aren't allowed to make any drastic changes = (
SOLUTION! Hang that wallpaper! what a fantastic, chic and inexpensive way to add glamour to your walls... look how good these two combine with the space, resulting in a gorgeous little reading nook.



Heather -Gathering Spriggs said...

Great post. such beautiful images. thanks for sharing. btw, i love your new profile pic. did you get a haircut?

Nuit said...

Aw thanks Heather you are so sweet! I did get a haircut, didnt think anyone would notice though!! LOL

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