Coco Chanel's legendary Rue Cambon Apartment

Photo Via: Brigitte Lacombe

Good monday everyone!... I have always loved Coco Chanel's personal style, I love reading about her life and also her famous quotes. But also, it's very interesting to me to see how well her 31 Rue Cambon apartment reflects her style.

Thoug she only entertained there and actually lived at the nearby Ritz, the interior decor of the three-room space is a study of modern elegance and luxury. Coco's mix of Oriental and Occidental references was a groundbreaking move that you can see echoed in any shelter mag today.

Lined with books and decorated with a most interesting and quite large collection of objects, the living room is where Coco would conduct interviews, only allowing a select few to sit on the tan suede couch with her. Talk about privilege!

A dining room houses a sturdy table, more lacquered screens and an anonymous bust flanked by elaborately framed mirrors—more Chinoiserie contrasting gilt-edged Edwardian flourish in Chanel's typically, confidently chic way.

In 1971

Actress Audrey Tautou, in Chanel's real apartment, which was used for some scenes in the movie -photo by Brigitte Lacombe


Dannie said...

ooh mah-velous
slightly a little too marvelous tho, theres stuff everywhere!

Melissa A. said...

Hi Nuit,
This is very interesting. I never really studied or new much about Coco-Channel. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and thank you for the compliments.

SCISI said...

oh hey dear,
what a beautiful post about Coco and you know i am suprised by how ornate the decor is compaired to the chanel ashetic. i love the chandalier:)

and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog while i was away feels like for ever living without internet is seriously bad for your health ha ha:) x

Nuit said...

Thank you Scisi, and thank you all for your sweeet comments. Yes, Chanel had a very unique way of looking at things... her apartment is a little too full of stuff for my taste but I guess eerything in it was special to her.....

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