Enjoying the outdoors!

Well... it's no secret that I LOVE outdoor spaces, I stare at photos of beautiful backyards and patios for hours and I have posted here a ton of pictures and back in May I even listed and ranked the BEST outdoor spaces I have ever seen (HERE).... the true reason behind my behavior is the fact that I havent had any progress on my own backyard makeover (sigh...) that's because it's been raining everyday and plants here are growing fiercely, I have been waaaay too busy at work, and also because I spent half of my budget on other things = (

Anyway!! Still, when I look at these pictures with lovely inspiration, I can't help but feel happy and motivated. I hope they do the same for you, and if you are in fact planning your backyard makeover, they might be helpful.

Lovely, colorful outdoor fabrics are a MUST!

Entertaining outside?? Try these!

Pick a color, if not a theme....

More perfect fabrics!


nicolette said...

The first picture is a great example of amazing color. The natural light makes the already bright colors look very cheerful.


Nuit said...

Yes! it does! I loved that first picture as well :) thanks for visiting Nicolette!

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