The Man: Barry Dixon

Oh I am so excited to post about Barry today! He has an elegant, warm southern style that I just adore... I was reading his bio and learned that he spent a lot of his childhood in India, South Africa & French Polynesia.. no wonder he has such an open perspective!

Barry Dixon at Elway Hall for the Washington Post

Barry Dixon’s Design Philosophy:

"The integrity of good design is determined simply by what is “appropriate.” Of course, the subjectivity of that word requires that clients align themselves with a designer who shares their vision. To me, “appropriate” involves several levels of consideration. Architecture – what works well with the bones of a space is paramount. Also important is transition, the thread that weaves its way through a home, simultaneously providing unity and flow and allowing diversion and interest. Comfort, even in the most formal areas, is mandatory, as is timelessness, a blessed attribute that straddles fad and period. Quality involves both experience and knowledge. Successful design emanates a feeling, not just a look."

When decorating small spaces... Barry has one interesting view: (I LOVE IT!!!)

"Saturate the space in one medium or dark color, such as moss, warm dark gray, or chocolate brown. Use it on every door, every ceiling, the trim, the window frames and the door frames, as if you're dipping the whole room in a bucket of paint. It takes away all the boundaries and you're left with the infinity of the universe. It's like Houdini came in and decorated." —BARRY DIXON, WARRENTON, VA

Image via: Southern Accents

For more, visit Barry's WEB PAGE

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