One great idea for a Small Kitchen

Hi dears! I hope you all had a bright, relaxing, lovely weekend... I did, I definitely am ready to get this week started!
My last post, about the much desired (by me) breakfast nook, reminded me of another thing I am crazy to get in my kitchen. A work table/Island... I don't have enough space for a real island though (the kind that has room for appliances and all), my kitchen is not big enough, but I think, the solution will be a table like this one, with some shelving underneath of course!

What a great place to work, don't you think?
And this is my favorite, rescued from a flea market, this table has been painted dark green and white to create a magnificent focal point in this cottage style kitchen. Perfect to display flowers and fresh fruit...
Quite frankly, I could stare at this image all day!!! you like???

Images via: Valspar, Better Homes and Gardens


Melissa A. said...

I have always wanted one of these. My husband wants one more than I do and we almost bought one just like it at Ikea, but our house is on the market, so we are going to wait. I definately think this is a great addition to a kitchen that is in need of more counter space.

Nuit said...

I do too... love the one in the last picture, I think its just perfect! thanks for visiting always Melissa! xo

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