Closet Envy

So, Jennifer, the Genius behind Made By Girl, added another section to her closet, and the entire thing looks TO DIE.

You probably have seen this across the bloggosphere, but still I could not just sit here and not blog about it and express my ENDLESS Shoe {and clutch} Envy. One thing is clear, the girl luvvvvssss Leopard!!

Are you feeling the simptoms too? the anxiety, the sweat drops?
That's SHOE envy you guys.


Charlotta Ward said...

Oh I am totally with you Fer! It's to die for.. I must work on my walk-in.. it looks nothing like this.. sigh.

Warm hugs from Sweden

x Charlotta

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

gahhh I want that closet

Limasim said...

beautiful pictures and beautiful blog, follow you! <3

Nuit said...

Thank you guys!!!!!! x

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