Today's Brittish Place

I try to be consistent with my posts but before I know it, I end up posting a whole lotta randomness and totally forget to deliver my features. Today's Brittish Place is one of my favesies, and it's about me and my dream of marrying Sherlock Holmes and living happily ever after in our ever-fabulous flat in the United Kingdom.

Well, I am about to make up for being so random lately, by bringing you some pretty rad Brittish spaces this week.

Today, Chaucer House.
It's INSANITY people. Insanity. There's a simpleness about it that drives me nuts.

Fireplaces to DIE {for, not in}

What a delightful bedroom, is it not?
Open the window and look outside.... the beautiful Countryside.........

The integrity and soul of this house was respected and that is probably what i love the most about it. It almost feels like you've stepped into the Victorian Era... Sigh!!

A beautiful girl's room exquisitely decorated, can't go wrong with such a sweet color palettte!!

I am thinking this wall here deserves a post of its own!!!!!!!!!!
it's an awesome, interactive heaven!

Come back tomorrow for MORE....... and then MORE on Thursday.


Splenderosa said...

Oh so sweet, just like you !!

Nuit said...

glad you like it! Brittish homes just have that extra somethin' dont they??? xox

manhattan said...

i like it .. love the bed ..

jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

What a fun little girls room! Love the simplicity of the space.

Thanks you SO much for you comment today! It truly made my whole day!


Nuit said...

:D glad it did Jesse!!!! it's true! xoxo

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