Random rooms to DIE for.

Oh goodness you guys... this was a craaaaaaaaaaaazy weeked. I partied until 6am on Friday!!! {for the first time in a very long time since, let me remind you, I am a dedicated working mother who 'usually' has 6am as her waking-up time, not her bedtime HA!}

Aaaalright. Enough of my fun-loving-self {LOLs}.............. Today, on Random Rooms to DIE for, some absolutely swoon-worthy interiors.

Open Closet Love..........

An adorable explosion of color and cheer!!!

Salvaged wood and stainless steel??? match made in Heaven!

J'Adore this color palette!!!!!!! Lavander + Green

Swoon-swoon-swoon and SWOON! Gray is still SO VERY sexy.

Hell to the YES! Map of Paris wallpaper!!! {freaggin' GENIUS}

Which is your fave? {via}




Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

love the map wall paper but that wood stainless steel kitchen is something I covet.

Sounds like an exhausting weekend.

OneCraftyFox said...

Darling, 6am curfew??!! LOL. Dang girl, I am jealous ;) Sounds like you must have been having an amazing time!

I am completely crushing over that first room. May I step into the image, curl up in that bed and just die? lol. It's a very appropriate resting place, no?


Nuit said...

VERY appropriate resting place indeed my friend!

Yes it was FUN ;) Hope you can join me soon D. xoxoxo

Splenderosa said...

Love the kitchen and the dark bedroom! Sending love, cookie...

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