today's brittish place ❤

Hi loves! First of all.. thank you all for being patient with me since I havent really posted a whole lot this week [ehem!... or nothin' actually] but this little break was much needed, trust me.

Well, unlike ALL previous Brittish Places I've posted before, which were all white and with very few pops of color... today's brittish place is full of energy and color and I dedicate this post to my lovely blogger friend Leah who really uses color in the most beautiful ways.

This style is truly gorgeous, you will see. [and the dress too... I might need that lil piece hanging in my closet asap!]

First off: the elaborate, rich and totally chic dining area
{aren't those chairs like a dream?}

This living room is pure gorgeousness
I die for the curtains!

A tiny, pretty kitchen


this vanity is insanely sexy!

A corner in the library, ballet shoes and a load of vintage treasures hanging from pretty much everywhere!

The bedrooms, the moldings, MORE vintage gold!

Oh I love white & more white but definitely this bedroom gets a big & fat stamp of approval from yours truly!

What did you think of today's brittish place???

Of course this is more like, a single gal's pad. I would definitely NOT put my darling Sherlock through all that pink. Don't you worry luv.



Leah said...

Oh Nuit thank you for dedicating this post to me, I am so honored!
Of course I love this home, the color is totall perfection!


OneCraftyFox said...

I am enamored by the black and white wall paper, and of course the filly aqua dress!

I am having an interactive "Style Me Pretty" blog giveaway... I would love it if you joined!

Nuit said...

oh Diana babe!!! I am on my way to your blog :) i am sorry i have been away {i've gotta pretty good excuse hehe} Luv u!

Stacey said...

As a clour loving girl, i love this place, plus it's so fun and whimsical! Also, thank you for your lovely comment on my sneak peek:-) xx

The Zhush said...

Gorgeous space...best of all, I don't think I have seen many of these images before!

Kristin said...

Ummmmmm, that coffee table...wow...just WOW!

Jammer said...

These rooms are sooo fun! I love the blue walls!

Minnie said...

So wonderful to see the unrestrained love of color. My favorite element was that fab pink couch. I adore pink and try not to subject my hubby to too much of it, but boy, he'd have to put up with that couch if I had it! (Sorry, hubby, I'd be willing to let you get a motorcycle or a truck in exchange!)

its simple love said...

Oh how gorgeous! It's very eclectic glamour. Something I would love to do in my home. You have to know how to do it though or it just looks messy or like a yard sale. It is done quite nice in these photos! Love it. Thanks for the inspiration.


p.s. It's the last day to enter my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway!!!

Pop Champagne said...

I love the colors in the living room, I agree that those curtains are fab! Not so sure about the pink tiles in bathroom but I do love the wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room a lot!

Nuit said...

u guys are so sweet. I knew you'd all love this one ;) xxoxo


Urbanstems said...

Oh yeah I love this house. It is fab! The art too! The wallpaper in the kitchen helped me make my decision about the black wallpaper in my hall along with Rita Konigs hall!! Great post Sinead x ps I love Leah's blog too!

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