Fabulousness Times 4.... ♥ Modern Fireplace

Hello there girls and boys! I had a hectic first half of the morning and being here to post something pretty makes me OH-SO happy!!!! you see... it's been raining so much here and rivers are at the top of their capacity and roads are so ugly... me and my lil' boy were stuck in trafic for almost an hour and missed school {we were so late they wouldnt let us in... } anyway, i had to call my mom.. yada-yada-yada.... it's all good now.

Ok today on Fabulousness times 4, I've got some fireplaces. Since I see all over the blogosphere, everyone is so excited about fall and scarves and pretty outfits. This time I wanted to depart from the classic/traditional style and show some modern babies. First one is my fave. Lets see if you likey ;)

All-white warmth
{is that a perfect mantel or WHATTT}

Bedroom cozy... this room was so perfectly styled I die.
Just look at the bookshelves arrangement, the position of the chair... swoon!

Perfect substitute...
{this is what I NEED since the weather here is not fire-friendly}

Love in the kitchen
This fire provides such warmth to this kitchen, I'd bet the family spends hours and hours in here. I am not a big fan of such sharp edges though. Do you like this???

I feel much better after writing this post. Its amazing what the blog does for my life!

Love you all!!!


Via: BHG


OneCraftyFox said...

These fireplaces... caliente!! LOL ;)

I am swooning over the bedroom cozy, how I wish my room looked like that.

Friends of mine just installed the coolest modern fireplace in their basement. They put a slab of slate on the wall and then set it inside. The frame is a clean brushed metal, very simple and uber-chic.

Leah said...

What gorgeous spaces!!! I can't wait to have our first fire in our fireplace!!!


Urbanstems said...

Oh I do Love a lit fire at home. Nothing like it on a wet grey gloomy winters day and night. We have a saying in Irish "Nil aon tintean mar no thintean fein" - there is no hearth (fireside) like your own hearth. Lovely fireplace photos ..Sinead

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I love a cozy fire place- I like the raised one in the kitchen-

Jesse said...

I would love to have a fireplace in my bedroom. How romantic! =)

Nuit said...

HI lovelies!!!! thank you for stoppin by... much love!!! xo

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