Artsy Vs. Vintage

I think I know which one will win ;)

So tell me.... what would you do with that empty wall?

1.- Cover it with Vintage treasures, antique pictures and flea-market finds?
2.- Bring out your artistic-self?

After much careful consideration I surprised myself by deciding I'd go for the Artsy wall!!!



via: BHG


Pop Champagne said...

cool wall. I like how the room has a theme (nautica ohhh so sad summer is over)

Annie@A View On Design said...

you know I like them both equally, I just think they would suit diff homes, maybe the arty one for a more personal area... who knows!

The Zhush said...

Both are so pretty, maybe mix them up and create a third option?

Nuit said...

I thought I'd go for the vintage look but after looking at the artsy one i fell in love! but yes! mixing both would be a cool idea ;)


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