today's brittish place ❤

Hello loveliesss!!!! it's time for another Brittish beauty... {major sigh!} This is the Balham House and I am experiencing a serious obsession... I am sure this is the place me and All-kinds-of-Hot Benedict Cumberbatch could call home ;)

-A girl can dream...-

Anyway here it is... you will LOVE every corner!

The most perfect teenage girl bedroom
{white & soft pink awesomeness!}

The little girl's bedroom!!! adorbs.

All-white master bedroom

The dressing room of my dreams!!!!

Oh.. I could get creative here for realz!

The entire house has stunning fireplaces...
And for the love of God! look at those floors!!!


This family room is insanely gorgeous...

The kitchen is in a more modern wing it has a gorgeous dining and living area.

Here's another view, showing the amazing white island /counter

Opposite view of the island/counter

The views are the best, arent they!!????

Have a fab day!!



Stylelover said...

Oh!!! so so beautiful... I want to live in a place like this... But I don't know if I would be able to kepp it so clean!
Great post!

Nuit said...

LOL good point!! :)

OneCraftyFox said...

As usual, I love every inch of it!!

Those first few images are perfect for my Blog Slumber Party... you simply must come join!!

xox Diana

Stacey said...

Loving this tune:-). I love all the natural light in this space-beautiful!!

Jammer said...

Great rooms! My room is basically all white and it does not look nearly as chic and dreamy as any of these rooms! I think a room makeover is wayyy overdue.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

love these rooms.
I love the white on white- although with two monkeys in my home this 'look' would never survive.

Minnie said...

I usually go for colorful interiors but this all-white look is so calming. I am in love with that dreamy girls' bedroom, imagining all the fun that goes on in there.

ajlowiuuu said...

its not hard when u live in white place, really...u must clean like everywhere...
I love this photos, so nice and romantic place:)

Dancing Branflake said...

That first room and that foyer are totally dream rooms for me. Goodness, everything about this post is stunning.

Annie@A View On Design said...

Last pic (kitch) is fab mate! Do you remember when white was a "no go" zone for decorating, boring, whatever... but now it's the "go to" colour for contemporary decors, amazing isn't it!!!

Nuit said...

oh yes Annie!!! White was a NO-NO!!!! amazing....

Now the scandinavian style is really taking over the world. I personally love it but surely it would be a hard place to keep up, specially with kids in the house!!!

Love to all!!!

Shannon Fricke said...

Great pics. lovely blog.

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