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Are you looking for a fun weekend project to enhance your rooms a little bit (it's actually quite a lot!) re-arrange your bookshelves! oh gosh, there's nothing worse than a messy library and nothing that brings a room back to life faster than some shelf styling, that's for sure! Here are some simple ideas on how to do it... Enjoy your weekend dears!
This lovely library takes over the whole wall, so its important that everything its in its place and makes a statement. Look at how books have been arranged, some vertically, some horizontally, and also, they have added some very pretty ceramic bowls and picture frames. As the background is white, accesories and books should be colorful and fun.

Here, we have not only books, but several little travel treasures the owner surely has been collecting over the years... Items have been carefully arranged so that the space doesn't look cluttered. If you have treasures, show them!

This is one very interesting office library. You see, when you have such a large variety of items, the best thing you can do is unify them by painting the whole wall in one shade of the same color. And another thing, very cleverly done on this one, is the two bright green ceramic bowls that surely make it all even and balanced.

Oh what a great place to read this is..... everything about this little nook whispers peace and quiet to me... Notice how there are very few books, most of which are coffee table books with beautiful covers. In putting this space together, clearly the design came first. The bowls and vases have been carefully chosen to have the same color but very different and interesting shapes. The flowers and fruits, add a little splash of color and life to this area and make it even more attractive to the eye.

This here is my favorite! I love that the shelves all are at different levels and that the books seem to be a little messy, but I bet you that was the plan ; ) The larger nook has been saved for art and treasure display. There is so much personality in this image, I think it's easy to deduct what kind of person lives there. I can't stop looking at it!

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Claire said...

This is inspiring! I wish you a wonderful week as well Nuit!

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