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Well, like every other girl in this planet, I too am a huge fan of Sex and the City. But everytime I watched the show, I couldnt help but notice the fabulous interiors, the faaaabulous style and décor.... I guess it's the least we would expect from such glamourous ladies!!! I know, I know... many people have already blogged about this, but I still really, really wanted to do this.
Ok, first up is Samantha Jones's loft. Modern and Sexy, where of course the most important thing is the bed.... notice the colors in the kitchen, and the art... and the huge mirror!

Now, let us move on to the apartment of Miranda Hobbs, she is a partner in a prestigious NY Law firm, and of course, her apartment needs to be classy, neutral, elegant, and a bit masculine.... her dining table is where she studies her cases so there can't be anything too distracting. I love the lighting in the living room, the dark wood and the black frames, and of course the gorgeous mirror placed over the mantel!

I guess my favorite has got to be Charlotte York's stunning Park Avenue apartment. Who wouldnt love it right??? The lovely neutrals, the fine ceramics, the impeccable taste, the fresh flowers, the dreamy wallpaper! got one word: LOVELY.

And last, but definitely NOT least! our fave New York gal, Carrie Bradshaw's place... this is soooooo the place for a writer, and a chic writer that is, with ample shelving for all the books and files, lovely vintage posters and photographs... not to mention some fabulous pieces of furniture, each with a ton of personality. And her closet... (sigh...) one of the most famous closets ever... gotta have room for all those pairs of shoes don't you think???

Images via: HBO


Claire said...

Hi Nuit! I love Sex & the City, too. I love the elegance of Charlotte's apartment and the laid back & artsy look of Carrie's place. What a dream to do the set design for both the TV show & the movie!

Manvi from Mochatini said...

Nice round up Nuit! I like Carries laid back apt and her closet in the movie! thanks for the post!

Melissa A. said...

I have never watched that show, but from your pictures, I think I like Carries and then Charlotte's. I like the refined glamour of Charlotte's and the cool, not so perfect, eclectic look of Carries.

Nuit said...

Thanks girls! your sweet comments made my day :)

Heather -Gathering Spriggs said...

I had not seen these! So yeah for you, Nuit. Thanks for sharing! Fun and nostalgic.

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