Design Quote of the week... thoughts?

Darlings, today, I'd like to introduce a new feature. Weekly intersting Design Quotes I know you will love... Today's quote: Charlotte Moss for the NY Social Diary in 2006.

What are the warning signs

indicating clients

you don’t want to work with?

"Bad shoes.

Polyester napkins.

A ‘library’ with no books.

Very wealthy people

who are not philanthropically inclined.

Oh, and the ones

that tell you that

‘this house is going to be good

for your career.’"

Interior Decorator,
Charlotte Moss
NY Social Diary, 2006

Found at the Errant Aesthete

Image via: Southern Accents


Melissa A. said...

I'd like to be able to have some quotes like this someday.

Nuit said...

LOL me too!!!!

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