Tray matters!

Hi darlings!!! I hope your weekend was bright and sweet like mine. I had a truly fantastic time yesterday playing at the beach with my son and collecting shells. I did burn a bit though, (ouch on the shoulders!) anyway, today I found some lovely trays and I'd like to share them with you. I am always obsessed with outdoor entertaining and I am always looking at stuff that can make my outdoor moments more enjoyable (it's too hot here to be inside!!!)
Don't you just love these trays? each and everyone of them has a different personality, life of its own... Very, very cool!
Have a great week!
Ohhhhhh! and check out my friend Claire's posts at Blah to Ta-da! she is back with some great new ideas to recycle. We love you Claire!!!

Image via: Super Cool Gifts
Seriously, is this not the loveliest!!??? an old frame turned vanity tray!

Image via: Real Simple

These last two images: Pottery Barn


Anna Lindsey Sailer O'Reilly said...

OOOHHH I love trays! Thanks for the comment on my chair & fam. ^_^

Melissa A. said...

I like the tray by Real Simple, the white frame with the pink middle. I'm always drawn to girlie things, even though sometimes I think I want modern. You have a great week too, Nuit!

Nuit said...

oh I know! me too Melissa, I can never decide which style I like best, I guess I am sort of eclectic... Mostly, I am drawn to what is elegant and femenine, yet relaxed and friendly... never minimal and way too modern. I like warm spaces.

Thanks for visiting darlings!

Tricia said...

Love the tray ideas! It's such a great way to make a quick, little, decor statement. Thanks for sharing!!

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