A Fab New York City Modern Apartment

Designed by Richard Mishaan, and photographed by William Waldron for Elle Decor, I really couldnt resist posting this today, this New York apartment is like a breath of fresh air, so chic and cool. Although I normally enjoy a more relaxed, simple style... I can certainly appreciate a modern approach, specially when in NYC and featuring so much fabulous color!!!

The place belongs to Julie Anne Quay, a NY based artist, and it’s no surprise then that edge and elegance collide in this apartment where she lives with her family. Since the place boasts high ceilings, capacious rooms, and windows galore, the challenge was to bring intimacy to the vast interiors.

And look how it was done. I am seriously loving this, aren't you too?

Go to Elle Decor's link (above) to check out some more pics and to read a bit about the design process.


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