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Some of us can't resist asian influences... I am addicted to Feng Shui decor and also about pretty much anything that can create a Zen feeling in my home. The other night, while doing some on-line research, I came across these fabulous images that show how to create the Perfect Zen Place, the pretty clear Asian elements have been enhanced by the use of bold colors, but always keeping it simple.
I am crazy about this wooden tub top! not to mention the lovely Kimono!
In this case, the wall art, will have a much better, softer effect if you paint it, rather than using wall vynil. Make sure you keep the color palette simple and fresh


SCISI said...

ooh pink ascent looks so zingy and chick.and i love the little bonsai blossom in the forground. i've always wanted a bonsai tree but was i think i read some where that they are expensive to buy and time consuming to up keep. which is a shame really because they sem a better alternative to buying fresh flowers:)

and by the way thanks for your comments on my blog earlier:)

Anna Lindsey Sailer O'Reilly said...

What a beautiful space!

at All Things Creative

Nuit said...

Thanks guys!!!!

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