The Man: Thom Filicia

Well... I normally don't post twice in one day (wish I could though) but today I have to.... because I can't wait to share with you my love for this man's style...


Thom Filicia, most famous for his role as Interior Design expert at the show Queer Eye for the Straight guy, is a very talented individual, Thom is the founder of his own interior design company Thom Filicia Inc (www.thomfilicia.com) where you can find his portfolio and more information about him.

Thom says: "Your home should be an extension of your personality. If your kids are little Picasso's, showcase their artwork around the home. No need to spend a lot of money on expensive gallery art. Find a frame that works with your decor (you can't go wrong with a black, matte frame) and place it over the mantel, in the hallway or kitchen. No kids? No worries! Consider framing a map from your favorite city. It's offbeat and an instant conversation starter"

Thom's new book: Thom Filicia Style. A MUST HAVE!

The two images above are from Thom's Hamptons Showhouse.

Marc Anthony's home by Thom... hey Marc! now you have babies! hope you've done something about the sharp edges ;)


Claire said...

I love Thom Felicia and his style! Do you get to see his TV show "Dress My Nest"? He does some great magic! I wish he could knock on my door one day and transform our place =) Have a great weekend Nuit!

Nuit said...

Thanks Claire!! you too!!!

I know... that would be my dream come true! (to have Thom dress my nest ;).

benwoodward said...

I don't know if you believe in feng shui decor or not, but another downside to sharp edges is that they direct negative energy towards whatever they are facing. So that's two reasons to get rid of them!

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