The Clever Moves!

What a wonderful thing indeed, when we can transform the feeling in a whole room by one single clever move! I am in love with these ideas I found in Better Homes & Gardens (www.bhg.com).
This bellow, is a painted rug! yes, choose your paint color and get to work, there's also a FABULOUS version of this idea on my favorite Blog: 'Making it Lovely' (http://makingitlovely.com/) where Nicole Balch painted a truly amazing rug out on her porch... (you're thinking it might be too much work??? Nicole was nine months pregnant when she did it!)

Image property of Better Homes and Gardens
This here is a really clever way of adding personality and charm to an old table by the window, just get some vintage glass jars and fill them with fruit, two colors will do... the place will look happy and refreshed! Another colorful option? CANDY!

Better Homes and Gardens by Veronica Toney
Your precious books as a side-table! Need I say more?

Better Homes and Gardens by Veronica Toney


Ceylo said...

Painted rug! What a great idea!!!!

Nuit said...

Oh it is!!! check out the one Nicole did, beautiful... (thanks for your comment!)

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