Shelf time!

This image from www.idealhomemagazine.co.uk shows some pretty clever shelving that adds a little bit of play in a room that would be too serious otherwise.
On this image below by www.bhg.com you can see a cleaner, more modern look that goes well in any space, but this particular style can be most useful in a bathroom, you can display hand and face towels, candles, vintage jars with cotton balls, hand creams and oils and also add baskets to hide all the items you do not want to show. The cleverness of this display below lies in the different sizes. Try it!

This image from www.bhg.com by Jody Garlock and Christine Hofmann is my favorite, note how the shelves move with de architecture of the house and complement it perfectly. Anything you display on them will stand out and look special if the back is all white.
Love it!

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