Talk Nerdy to Me

Hear that? is the sound of my mind being BLOWN!!!

I LOVE THIS!. Nicole Martinez is [obviously a genius] an art director and designer from Boston Massachusetts. “Nerdy Dirty” is a series of illustrations about love, crafted by her. These technically clever prints are dedicated to the inner geek in all of us. Geeks unite!
“My boyfriend and I came up with the phrase ‘nerdy dirty’ a while ago because we would say such nerdy things when we were trying to be romantic.” shares Nicole. “So when I got the urge to design something sweet I could only think of things like ‘Arota tell you how much I love you’. Hence, Nerdy Dirty posters were born.”

Prepare to swoon people,

Check out all of Nicole's work HERE.

Found HERE.

Do you likey???




Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

These are DARLING!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

oh these are super cute. I love the we've got chemistry one especially.

Anonymous said...

Love these! How clever and cute! These would be a cute gift for a schoolteacher, of just this nerd. :)

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